Choose Best Size Album in 1 Easy Step!

How do I choose the best size for my needs?

It's a very common question with an easy answer!

But first, you need to know why we created the below guide.

Collector’s have various preferences in how they collect, which dictates the binder capacity needed.

  1. Some prefer different brand storage sheets, which vary in thickness
  2. Some place cards one per pocket, while others back to back
  3. Some collect favorite teams or star players
  4. Some collect for investment
  5. Some collect duplicate cards
  6. Some collect complete sets
*Also,  our albums, “size” refers to D-Ring capacity, NOT width of  binder spine. So, please Don’t confuse our size with standard industry binders sold in hobby or office supply stores. Ours are a bit wider, so use the below 1 step guide…

 If you’re still unsure, feel free to contact us with any questions.